Heru Ramadhan's Pyrography

Pyrography, or burnt wood art, is Heru Ramadhan’s specialty in Pekanbaru. Heru has won over art lovers and the Governor of Riau, Syamsuar, who has bought his works for millions of rupiah.

Making Pyrography Masterpieces at Wood Craft Studio

The Wood Craft studio, Heru Ramadhan’s artistic space, situated in Kelurahan Lembah Sari, Kecamatan Rumbai Timur. Heru, the proprietor and artisan-in-residence, loves and perfects pyrography. Heru’s burnt wood artworks decorate the workshop, creating a visual feast. These works have sold well, solidifying Heru’s reputation as a pyrographer.

From Online Learning to Government Recognition: Heru’s Artistic Journey

Heru started learning pyrography online. YouTube became his virtual mentors, teaching him this unique craft. Heru spoke directly with other pyrographers to improve his skills. This dedication to mastery was observed. Wood Craft went from a hobby to a Treasury Directorate General activity. The Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) Kanwil Riau auctioned Heru’s works, demonstrating his expanding prominence.

Auction Success: Siak Palace and Pekanbaru Founder Pyrography

Heru’s peak recognition occurred in 2022 when his pyrography depicted Siak Palace’s magnificence and honored Pekanbaru’s founder, Marhum Pekan, at auctions. These masterpieces sold well. Governor Riau Syamsuar, who won the bid at Rp 5 million, treasured the Istana Siak pyrography.

“I take pride in the fact that Governor Riau Syamsuar acquired the Istana Siak artwork for Rp 5 million,” grinning Heru said Tuesday (3/10/2023).

Beyond Portraits to Cultural Icons

Heru captures cultural symbols beyond portraiture. His soldering iron has honored Sultan Siak Sri Inderapura 11, Sultan Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Saifuddin, and the Soeman HS Library. Heru’s elaborate charred wood artworks capture Riau’s cultural grandeur and significance.

Discovering Pyrography Tools and Techniques

Creating pyrography requires a delicate balance between artist vision and tools. Heru uses plywood, chosen for its craft compatibility. The instruments look like soldering irons, and temperature control is key to getting the ‘burnt’ look.

“White plywood from hardware stores must be utilized. Smoothness varies on wood. The pattern is copied onto plywood using carbon paper to record the lines before painting. She stated that the soldering iron is heated to the right temperature.

Different Prices for Artistic Complexity

Heru’s pyrography portraits’ prices reflect their artistic sophistication. Cost depends on size and complexity, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Smaller, simpler pieces may take one to two days, while more complex ones may take a week.

Contacting Heru’s Craftsman: A Direct Connection

A direct link is available for art lovers and customers interested in Heru’s remarkable pyrography. Heru can you reached at @barber_woodcraft on Instagram to learn about his charred wood art.

A maestro of burnt wood arts, Heru Ramadhan uses pyrography to bring his works to life. His notoriety, auction success, and dedication to cultural heritage demonstrate the significant influence of a fire-crafting artist.

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