Bug-Proof Your Home for Summer: Tips on how to bug proof your home

As the days get warmer, bugs get more active. They want food, shelter and perhaps a place to settle down and start a family. And there is nothing wrong with that – as long as that place is not your home. Keep reading to learn how to make your home as repulsive as possible to these invertebrate critters.

Prevention before pesticides

Before you coat your home with aerosol, learn how to prevent pests from entering in the first place. The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service recommends the following tips for how to bug proof your home:

Keep your home clean and tidy. Nothing says “home sweet home” to bugs quite like clutter – and that is an amenity you do not want to offer. Clear out garbage regularly. Avoid piling items in one spot. Keep closets, corners and other storage areas tidy.

  • Eliminate food sources. Vacuum carpets and floors regularly. Wipe down tables and counters. Clean away food crumbs, spillage and other sources of nutrition. Avoid letting food or drink sit out.
  • Clean up your lawn. Summer storms and weekly lawn mowing can leave organic clutter all over your yard. Sweep away leaves and branches and collect grass clippings to help keep bugs away.
  • Check your groceries for bugs. Bugs can hide in produce and even in dried food. Dispose of any infested items.
  • Do not let the bugs feel at home. Kill them immediately using bug spray.


Call in reinforcements

No, not the exterminator, but Mother Nature. Natural predators can go a long way in reducing the pest population around your home. Trees, shrubs and birdbaths attract bug-loving birds and bats. Plant flowers to attract helpful insects like flower flies and wasps. Wildflowers and other annuals are excellent choices – and they can add a splash of color to your yard.

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