New York state isn’t holding back – they’re suing PepsiCo for allegedly messing up the Buffalo River with plastic pollution that’s messing with the water and hurting wildlife.

Biggest Offender on the Dock

They’re pointing fingers at PepsiCo, saying they’re the main problem causer in this plastic pollution mess. Apparently, they’re not playing nice with the environment.

PepsiCo’s Take

PepsiCo’s said they’re trying to cut down on plastic use and be open about it. But New York state isn’t buying it.

Coke, Danone, Nestle, and Now PepsiCo

This ain’t the first rodeo. Just last week, big names like Coca-Cola, Danone, and Nestle got accused of fibbing about their plastic bottles.

PepsiCo in the Green Hot Seat

PepsiCo, the folks behind Pepsi, Doritos, and loads of snacks, is the world’s second-biggest food company after Nestle. They’re now in the hot seat, facing a lawsuit over their environmental impact.

NY’s Legal Beef with Pepsi

New York’s throwing shade at PepsiCo for not warning the public about plastic risks and for putting out false info about fighting pollution. They’re not taking it easy on the company.

Taking the Fight to Pepsi

The Attorney General, Letitia James, says no company is too big to dodge responsibility for trashing the environment and hurting folks’ health.

Pepsi’s Plastic Track Record

The lawsuit says PepsiCo rolls out at least 85 drinks and 25 snack brands in throwaway plastic containers. And guess what? Their plastic trash was the star of the show along the Buffalo River, making up over 17% of the waste collected with brand labels.

More Than Just Pepsi in the River

The trash tale doesn’t end with PepsiCo; other big names like McDonald’s and Hershey’s have left their mark in the river too.

Health and Pollution Concerns

It’s not just trash talk; the lawsuit says these plastic bits have made it into Buffalo’s drinking water. That’s a big deal ‘cause it can mess with human health – causing all sorts of problems from messing up your guts to affecting how your brain works.

Pepsi’s Side of the Story

PepsiCo responded saying they’re all about cutting down on plastic and getting better at recycling. They say it’s a teamwork thing and everyone, from businesses to cities to regular people, needs to get in on it.

What’s the Word on the Streets?

State Senator Andrew Gounardes thinks Pepsi should step up their game. He says PepsiCo has been talking a big game about being eco-friendly but, according to the Attorney General, they’ve been doing the opposite by ramping up plastic use instead of cutting it down.

The Big Responsibility

Gounardes says if PepsiCo wants in on the game, they need to play it right. It’s not just about talking the talk; they’ve got to make sure their products aren’t harming people or the planet.

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