Mobile Legends: Novaria Expert Builds, Skills, Emblems, Combos

Novaria is a unique mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who will take you on a great journey. Novaria is a great addition to any team because she has a unique mix of support skills and damage bursts. Learn how to beat Mobile Legends and more about what Novaria can do.

Mobile Legends: It’s a passive game called Star Trail in Novaria’s Wonderful Magical Arsenal.

Novaria’s passive power, Star Trail, changes the way the game is played. Aether circles she calls up always slow down nearby enemies by 20%. If an enemy is hit by the astral orb, it does 4% of its maximum health in damage and 50% of its total magic power in magic damage. Novaria’s special ability does a lot of damage, so she can fight heroes with a lot of life.

This is advice: Astral Recall and Star Trail together do a lot of damage. Astral Meteor does damage over time, and damage that happens after the first one can start Star Trail. For the most damage, stop your target before you launch your full attack.

Mobile Legends: Astral Meteor is one of their skills.

The first skill you can use in Novaria is “Astral Meteor.” It aims at a spot with an astral sphere that does magic damage and slows foes down by 20%. Meteorites keep falling into the area and slowly moving enemies and hurting them magically.

A word of advice: get this skill at the first level it’s available at for the best results when laning waves of minions. Astral Meteor also shows enemy units hidden behind trees, which helps stop possible enemy ganks even more.

Astral Recall is the second skill.

Our heroine Novaria has a second skill called “Astral Recall.” It can help her call up a spiritual sphere from far away and bring it close. The foes this sphere hits will take magic damage. Her speed and ability to get through different types of terrain are unmatched. And as soon as her hand touches the astral realm, she can quickly point it in a certain direction.

Advice: Focus on getting better at Astral Recall. Novaria’s power to enter the astral state, which lets her move faster and pass through solid objects, is one of her best ways to get away from dangerous situations. You can use the spirit sphere to find enemies that are hiding in trees. This is the best way to scout and stay out of harm’s way.

Mobile Legends: Astral Echo at its best

There are big changes when you play Novaria’s ultimate, Astral Echo. She tells spirit chains to be broken. These chains will connect to any close enemy hero, showing them what’s going on around them while dealing magical damage. The size of the target’s hitbox will grow by 50% for 5 seconds.

If you think the other team is trying to protect Turtle or Lord, use Astral Echo to look around the buff pits that are around them. You’ll be better prepared for team fights if you can figure out where your opponents’ backlines are. This gives you important information that you can use to make smart decisions.

Novaria’s battle spell Flameshot and how to master it

Flameshot is the best choice for Novaria because it works well with her long-range skills. She can do even more damage to her enemies when she uses Flame Shot along with Astral Recall.

Advice: Flameshot gives Novaria a strategic edge because it improves her long-range skills. This may not be the best choice if there are a lot of sniper heroes or if the damage comes in waves.

Mobile Legends: Mage Emblem gear and set of skills

If you choose to use Novaria as a witch, she will do more damage. It helps her magic go deeper, shortens cooldowns, and makes her magic stronger.

Advice: Novaria’s magic works best when she wears the mage sign, which also makes her stronger in battle.

This shows that Novaria is not just a normal mage but a very good Mobile Legends player. Novaria has a unique set of skills that can help your team with SLOT SERVER THAILAND and do harm. Novaria can help you beat your opponents in Mobile Legends if you learn how to use her skills and follow her advice.

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