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We are excited to announce our new partnership with EightTwenty, a solar energy company based in Oklahoma. With this partnership, we will put the power in the customers’ hands to build nearly net zero homes that will minimize utility expenses without altering a homeowners’ lifestyle or energy demands.


We have always been a pioneer of the energy-efficiency market with homes scoring from 42 to 52 on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index. Today’s announcement continues our forward-thinking mentality by making it easy to add solar, storage and EV chargers to our homes for any customer.

New Home OK has always focused on staying on the cutting edge for our customers for the past 40 years. Today is another step on that journey with EightTwenty. Solar is part of the future. We want to make it simple to add to a home to reduce your energy cost, power your electric vehicle, or to keep your lights on during a storm,” said MJ Farzaneh, Chief Operations Officer for New Home OK.


With this new partnership, our homes are built ready for the future. To achieve a HERS score in the teens, our customers can include solar, batteries and EV chargers in their purchase or be ready to integrate these solar services Oklahoma in the future. Due to our already high standards for energy efficient construction, a modest solar addition can allow a homeowner to nearly eliminate utility expenses.

“Our plan was to find forward-thinking builders in Oklahoma that want to add solar to their projects. New Home OK is a fantastic partner as their reach expands solar to residents in communities across the Oklahoma City metro,” said Tony Capucille, Co-Founder and CEO of EightTwenty. “Solar provides homeowners with energy independence, resilience and a healthier lifestyle. With the inclusion of solar, the average home value increases and utility expenses drop.  It’s a win-win for today’s homeowners and for our next generation.”

EightTwenty is a local solar companies that prioritizes customer experience by keeping sales, design, and build teams in house and providing ongoing local support.

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