The Pros Of Purchasing A New Home

Are You One of The First Time Home Buyers in Oklahoma?

Whether we admit it or not, we all wish to have a place to call home, whether it is a brand new home or an existing home. Once you have it, moving home is simultaneously one of the most stressful yet most fulfilling stages of life. Finally, you can say, “home sweet home!” 

As a first time home buyer in Oklahoma, you may wonder, “Which is better: a newly built home or an existing home?” As a real estate expert, I may be biased toward newly built homes. But I will give you compelling evidence that new homes are superior to existing homes! Here is a list of the pros of purchasing a new home.

Pro # 1: A brand new home versus an “existing” home

Starting from scratch is the way to go if you like to keep things sleek or are concerned about spooky secrets in a resale home. Everything is spotless, and you won’t have to make any pricey repairs. You are the first one to live there, invest in and use the appliances, turn on the lights, and do everything. A real home-sweet-home experience. 

Pro # 2: During the first few years, maintenance costs are minimal

A newly built home gives you peace of mind because there are no pressing projects to complete. Even new homes require repairs. However, the probability of needing to repair a roof leak or a damaged pipe is limited, resulting in less worry and less expenditure. Moreover, most builders include a variety of warranties with their homes. It gives a short-term structural guarantee or a longer-term exterior warranty. It’s a substantial financial boost and a welcome respite after a large purchase.

Pro # 3: Full customization is in your hands

Nobody knows your style, wants, and needs better than you do. Having control over the details that fit your home to your taste and lifestyle is quite a luxury. Buying new construction means that you get to pick out everything from your siding and window treatments down to the placement of light bulbs and outlets. 

It can be challenging to find a property that meets all of your desires. That is why buying a new house allows you to get what you want without waiting for it to come on the market — or, worse, risking losing it.

Pro # 4: You are promoting green, which is energy efficient.

Newer homes are taking advantage of innovations in energy efficiency specifically designed to use less energy. When you build new construction, you have more say over the strategies used to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Your builder may include some options, like energy-efficient windows. Ask about other energy-saving options like dual flush toilets, SMART thermostats, and LED lighting. Lower your HERS while living in comfort in your new home.

Purchasing a home is one of the most crucial investments you will ever make, and it is essential that you do it wisely. When buying a new home, you have the power to control your ideas for your dream house.

You can design your own home, including a breakfast nook, wooden floors, and even your window treatments. As a first-time homebuyer, everything can be challenging, but it will undoubtedly be rewarding towards the end.

As you process through the list above, I hope we convince you that having a new home is a good option for you. To get the best results, consult with a trusted real estate professional. Their knowledge and experience will guide you through the process and clear up any confusion as you create your new home. 

Are you a first time home buyer in Oklahoma? Buying a home in Oklahoma is one of the wisest ways to invest. Considering Oklahoma is a thriving state that will provide you with excellent home amenities and experiences. To get started with your dream of having a new home, visit our website today.